On our last day, we went to Masada and the Dead Sea.  We rode camels and will soon have a festive dinner together on our last night in Israel 2017.  On Masada we offered mourner’s Kaddish for a dear relative of one of our participants, we gave a Hebrew name to another and we officially welcomed a member of our tour into the Household of Israel.

What an incredible pilgrimage to the Holy Land!  For most of us, visiting Israel has been on our minds and in our hearts for a very long time.  We arrived!!  We climbed mountains (and tons of stairs!), walked on 2000-year-old streets,  said prayers at the Kotel, the Western Wall, saw calm where there was once war. We learned about the complexities of a small land that so many of different beliefs, opinions, actions and traditions treasure and love with all their hearts and souls. Together we heard about the struggles for freedom.  We laughed a lot and also cried. We began each day on the bus together with the blessing Modeh/Modah Ani…Thank you God for a new day, with love and compassion You give us this day. You have with great faith in us and we have faith in You.

What a blessing this trip has been.  We are all so very grateful.



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