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For my family, a “staycation” is code for many things. It’s code for, we can’t afford a vacation right now. It’s also code for, we will stay in the cold and snowy, damp and dark  Chicago winter instead of soaking … Continue reading

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Kol Nidre: You Have Permission

[To the tune of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood theme song] It’s a beautiful eve in the sanctuary, a solemnly evening in the synagogue. I’m glad you’re here, I’m glad to share, this holy day with you. I was 36 years old … Continue reading

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Marching With The Next Generation: Women’s March Chicago 2017

My 12 year old says she doesn’t feel well and is not going to march. Her sister says the same thing and their brother says they must go. He yells at them, “All our rights are at stake!” After a few minutes … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah: Come to Shul!

Rosh Hashanah: Be Here Now When the kids were younger, going to Beth Am on Friday night was a big deal, they loved it. So much so that if I was really struggling with them I would threaten them and … Continue reading

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Elul 1 Travel.  No matter how many plans we make, how prepared we think we are, when it comes to travel (and yes, I know, with life too) we never know what adventure lies before us. Recently, after a three-hour wait that … Continue reading

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Hearing Loss and Love

I’m a little embarrassed to report that for the past year, I’ve been asking people to repeat themselves in conversation with me. I have been demanding that my kids stop mumbling. While on the bima, I felt ashamed that I … Continue reading

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Pictures on the Second Day of School

Yesterday my three kids and I were running late.  It is not uncommon for us to be behind schedule on a school day, but yesterday was the first day of school! I wanted it to be a morning of calm. … Continue reading

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